VOGLER FUNERAL HOME-Under Construction


Location: Winston Salem, NC
Construction: New Construction
Owner: SCI North Carolina Funeral Services, LLC
Size: 13,895SF

Vogler Funeral Home is a two-story, 13,895 sf building. It consists of a chapel for services, a visitation room, a crematorium in the basement, a vault and a prep room. The project also includes a garage, a holding area and one large balcony with a fire place and cable railing.  The exterior is gauge metal stud bearing walls with sheathing, stucco and cultured stone wainscot on the upper level and 8″ poured concrete walls on the lower level with cultured stone wall finish and stucco.  The interiors will have a structural frame system of steel columns and beams, non-bearing metal stud framing walls and gypsum board. The floor structure for the upper level is a marcher composite deck/concrete slab system.  The roof is constructed of pre-engineered wood roof trusses, shingle roof and TPO membrane at the RTU roof well.  This project also consists of mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire sprinkler, fire alarm system and associated site work.